Image of top third of phone showing Scrindrowlr app

Trilateration: How stalkers can find you through a dating or hook-up app, just by knowing how far away you are — A “love” story.

Understanding what trilateration is, and how it is used to find people through social applications, doesn’t have to be difficult or overly complicated.  I’d like to attempt to share the concept with you, the reader, through a story.  A story of two guys...
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Several red circles showing user location radii

Using an app to “meet” people nearby? Users around you are revealing your location to anyone that asks for it!

You may be hiding your location or distance on any of a multitude of dating, hook-up, or other social location based applications, but the people around you are revealing your location to anyone who knows where to look! Not too long ago the popular gay “hook-up” app...
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